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Grow Local 

Grow Local is a collaborative initiative of local agriculture groups encouraging and assisting local residents with backyard food production. We offer participation and education in a variety of programs and events to foster a spirit of curiosity and capability in our community. 

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School Gardens

We are working to expand School District 70's access to school garden facilities. AVFSS is garnering official school board endorsement for a comprehensive school garden strategy; including developing garden infrastructure, curriculum implementation and creating community programs.

Gardening Videos & Workshops

AVFSS is excited to present a Gardening 101 Workshop Series at Dry Creek Community Garden. Workshops are held 1:30-3pm the first Sunday of every month and cost is $15 per workshop or $10 for AVFSS members

March 3 - Let's Get Started

seed starting, lights, garden types, soil testing & amendments

April 7 – Time to Get Growing

potting up and pricking out, fertilizers, plant supports & covers

May 5 – Hot Stuff, Thirsty Stuff

watering, heat-lovers, shade covers, pollinators

June 2– Good Bugs, Bad Bugs

which is which, what to do, harvesting, winter beginnings 

July 7 – Winter's Coming! Sow What?

winter gardening vs. overwintering, garlic, cover crops

AVFSS partnered with Shaw TV to provide informational videos that focus on gardening techniques and local food knowledge. Visit Grow Local Youtube Channel to learn more about food growing, gathering, preserving and more! 

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Alberni Valley Food Security Society participates in a variety of community events such as fairs, parades, fundraisers and local agricultural trade shows. We love to introduce ourselves, so come on over to meet up and see what we are up to!

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