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The Gleaning Project

The Alberni Valley Gleaning Project connects tree owners who have unwanted or excess fruit with volunteers who want to harvest and enjoy local fruit. The program was started in 2012 and collects around 11,000 pounds of fruit per year! The Gleaning Project aims to decrease waste and increase distribution of delicious nutritious, and local food.

Harvests are distributed as follows:

  • 1/3 to Property Owner

  • 1/3 to the Volunteer Pickers

  • 1/3 to Local Food Security Programs


This program is a great way to get involved in the community and

we welcome you to come join in!

Gleaning pick 1.jpg

Volunteer Pickers

Alberni Valley is fortunate to be abundant in local fruit and the Gleaning Project typically has access to apples, pears, figs, plums, cherries, hazelnuts, and a variety of berries. Choose which picks you would like to attend and we will meet you at the location with all of the necessary equipment. 

There is a membership fee of $20 for individuals and $30 for households which helps to cover the cost of insurance, equipment, orientation, and other program expenses.

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Apples in a Crate

Property Owners

Homeowners and their property are respected at all times. Picks are arranged according to all of the participant's availability and fruit ripeness. If you have an over-abundance of any type of fruit or vegetable we encourage you to sign up for these benefits:

  • Actively decrease food waste in your community

  • Have fruit removed that would otherwise attract wildlife

  • Increase access to nutritious food to those in need

  • Promote local food and community food security

  • Receive 1/3 of the harvest - or donate it!


We ask that all Property Owners do their best to ensure that The Gleaning Project volunteers are able to access fruit that can serve the community. Pick locations that are unsafe, unsanitary or have a lack of useable fruit or vegetables may be waitlisted.

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Learn More About Gleaning

Get to know the Gleaning Project even more!

Click the links below to watch our orientation video, read the 2024 informational document or email our Gleaning Coordinators

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