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Come Pick With AVFSS

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Alberni Valley Gleaning Project! We welcome you to register to become a volunteer picker. Please fill out the registration form and view the waiver of liability below. You will be asked to attend or view orientation session at the beginning of season. There is a cost of $20 per person or $30 per household/family per year, payable by e-transfer to 

As this program relies on seasonal project funding we may not be able to organize gleaning picks after September 1 2024, thank you for your understanding. We thank you for contributing to food security in the Alberni Valley and

look forward to connecting this gleaning season!

2024 Gleaning Picker Registration Form

Have you picked with The Gleaning Project in previous years?
Are you willing to transport the equipment trailer?
Do you consent to AVFSS using photographs in our promotional activities? (not required for participation)
Please check your availability for attending gleaning picks (check all that apply)
What are you interested in harvesting?
AVFSS does the best we can to organize picks when fruit is at it optimum ripeness. Sometimes, due to factors beyond our control, fruit may be slightly under or over ripe. Please check the types fruit you are interested in:

Thanks for Volunteering!

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