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Prune-Along Program

The Prune-Along program pairs tree care experts with participating fruit tree, shrub or vine owners to share their knowledge on the basics of tree care. Each Prune-Along session will be tailored to meet the needs and goals of the registrant. This program offers an opportunity for tree owners to gain the skills to keep their trees healthy for years to come.


This program is intended for tree owners/stewards who have the physical ability and desire to maintain their own trees, shrubs, and vines but lack the technical skills or knowledge. The sessions cost $125 and are offered in 2-hour time blocks during the local pruning season. AVFSS will provide all the necessary tools for the duration of your session but does not have the capacity to remove branches, clippings or other debris that result from the Prune-Along session. 

Once the registration form below is completed and payment is received our pruning expert will contact you to confirm that your property is a suitable fit for the program and to schedule your session at a mutually convenient time. 

Looking for another pruning option?

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Prune-Along Registration

Are you a current member of AVFSS?
Do you consent to AVFSS using photographs in our promotional activities?
Type of Fruit/Vegetable/Nut to be pruned (check all that apply)
What days of the week are you available for your prune-along session? (check all that apply)
Approximately how old are your trees/vines/shrubs?
What are your primary goals? (check all that apply)

Please note that your prune-along session will not be confirmed until payment is received. 

Thanks for submitting!

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