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Host a Gleaning Pick

Thanks for your interest in the Alberni Valley Gleaning Project. Your participation helps to increase the availability of fruit for the wider community by sharing a bounty that may not be otherwise be picked. Starting in 2023 there is no charge for Pick Hosts but donations towards program operations are welcome. As this program relies on seasonal project funding we may not be able to organize gleaning picks after September 1 2024, thank you for your understanding. 

Please check out the picking guidelines, fill out the registration form and view the volunteer participation document below. We look forward to connecting this gleaning season!  

Picking Guidelines

Apple Orchard

What We Will Pick

  • Most fruit, vegetable or nut varieties; including apples, berries, cherries, figs, grapes, peaches, pear, plums, quince, nuts. We are also looking to expand into vegetable gleaning!

  • We prefer picks with sizeable quantities, contact us for more details

  • Ideally, we would like to glean from trees where the majority of the harvest is approximately 15' or less off of the ground

What We Won't Pick

  • Fruit or produce that is in an unsafe location

  • Fruit that is considerably underripe or over-ripe

  • Areas where our ladders are on concrete

  • Locations where property owners have not read our volunteer participation form

Other Considerations

  • If you are unsure about whether your trees, bushes or vines are a good fit please reach out to our gleaning coordinator.

  • It is best if you can recognize the process of your fruit becoming ripe, but if you'd like assistance, please let us know. 

  • AVFSS does carry operational liability insurance and we also ask all volunteers to agree to a waiver and participation form. 

2024 Pick Host Registration Form

Type of Fruit/Vegetable/Nut to be picked (check all that apply)
Have you hosted a pick with The Gleaning Project in previous years?
Have your trees, bushes or vines been sprayed with herbacide or pesticides?
Do you consent to AVFSS using photographs in our promotional activities?
What is the anticipated size of the harvest?
Do you know when the crop typically ripens?

As a reminder: this program relies on seasonal project funding so we may not be able to organize gleaning picks after September 1, 2024. Thanks so much for your understanding as we attempt to find ways to broaden our capacity and extend the season.

Thanks for Participating!

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